Phone Scam

the OPP

The Rainy River District OPP is warning of a telephone scam targeting Northwestern Ontario workplaces and retailers.
The fraud has been identified in regions across the province, and may be moving into this area. 
The scam involves a phone call from a fictitious company stating there are new government health regulations in place requiring workplaces to have special first-aid kits.
If not, they would be in violation and subject to possible closure or fines.
The caller may identify himself or herself as being with, or a representative of, the health unit or a company identified as Canadian Safety Supplies.
They offer to sell the kits at a substantial price, and will go as far as to send companies an invoice.
The Rainy River District OPP has received reports from local businesses making us aware of the fraud.  
We want to advise local business that this is a scam.
OPP officers have contacted the Northwestern Health Unit and can advise there is no inspection program for first-aid kits. 
Retailers and workplaces who receive a similar phone call are being asked to report it to “Phone Busters” by calling toll-free 1-888-495-8501.