Phone scam reported


A phone solicitation falsely claiming to be from Air Canada is making the rounds.
The scam aims to obtain credit card numbers and other personal information from the general public.
The most common approach is for an individual to receive a phone call—sometimes computer-generated—advising him or her that they have won a trip, vacation, or other sort of prize from Air Canada or another well-known company.
The individual then is asked to provide a credit card number and/or other personal information.
A local resident recently received a call on her cellphone.
She told the Times she kept the caller on the line for about 20 minutes.
She finally told the caller her credit card was maxed out but they still wanted to know the number.
Air Canada has verified on its website that this is a scam.
Air Canada does not engage in phone promotions.
These incidents should be reported to the RCMP Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre by calling 1-888-495-8501 (Phonebusters).
You also can e-mail