Pharmasave thinks of parents at FFCBC

Amid the games, food, and entertainment on tap at this week’s Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship comes a time in every parent’s life when nature calls (usually at the worst possible time).
Hoping to give parents a little relief this year, staff from Pharmasave have decided to create a place where people can go to feed and tend to their children’s many needs.
“I got the idea for this changing area when I saw one at an event in Winnipeg,” said Pharmasave manager Nancy Kehler. “We took the idea and presented it to the bass committee and they liked it.”
Contained within the tent will be a playpen and high chair that will be available to whomever may need it.
“We will have a staff member on hand at all times in case anyone needs assistance,” Kehler noted. “The tent will provide people with a clean, shaded area where they can rest, feed, or change their children.
“Every year, the [Pharmasave] staff likes to do something to help support the tournament,” she continued. “Last year we helped to sell souvenirs and this year we thought it would be great to do something a little different.
“We are hoping that this change area will help families who want to attend the events during the tournament.”