Pharmasave moving to new location

With the Red Apple store here closing at month’s end, Pharmasave owner Kim Metke has got his sights set on moving across the block into the larger location in March.
“We’ve been looking at a bigger area for a while,” Metke said yesterday. “But in the last year, it’s become a greater priority after Janey Sisco came over and set up the camera area.
“We’ve been operating in fairly crowded conditions,” he added. “An expansion onto this store would have been fairly expensive, and we would have ended up with an L-shaped store.
“So when this came up, I jumped at it.”
The new location will double the store’s current floor space.
Metke said while he wants the move to be quick, there will be “fairly extensive renovations” to make before the store opens at the new location.
“With areas such as the pharmacy and photo developing, it’s not your standard kind of business,” he explained. “It’s a heat- and humidity-sensitive environment.”
Not only will the larger floor space mean less congestion in the aisles and allow for larger promotions like pop and potato chip, Metke said, it also could mean a wider selection of merchandise.
“We’re looking to add on to existing areas that have proven to sell well. And we’ve looked at new categories to cover a broader selection,” he said.