Perry handily elected to council

Winning by a margin of more than two-thirds, Ken Perry was elected to fill the vacant seat on town council last night.
Perry garnered 1,813 votes in the municipal byelection, defeating opponent Todd Hamilton, who received 792 votes.
With a total of 2,605 valid ballots counted, this means Perry captured 69.6 percent of the vote while Hamilton got 30.4 percent.
There was a total of 5,628 potential voters for this byelection, so voter turnout was 46 percent.
These numbers were unofficial as of last night, with returning officer Glenn Treftlin slated to release the official numbers later today.
Perry, who had finished seventh in the municipal election last November, said last night he was surprised by how many votes he received.
He also admitted that his support was, at least partially, a statement by the electorate against council’s decision to hold a byelection in the first place.
Perry also said he’s looking forward to his term on council, and, just as he stated during the campaign, he plans to work hard on behalf of the electorate that voted him in and listen closely to their concerns.
Perry will take his oath of office at tonight’s regular council meeting, which was delayed a day to accommodate the byelection.
His term of office is the remainder of the four-year term of the current council, which ends Nov. 30, 2010.
Perry is taking over the seat that was vacated when Coun. Tannis Drysdale resigned back in September.