Performing Arts Festival deadline on Friday

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

The Performing Arts Festival application form deadline is March 5. This is not the deadline to submit the video performance. The completion of this form will just show intent of making a video submission within any category.

Cynthia Donald, festival co-chair, said there has been confusion with the application form deadline because there are different dates posted on the website and the Facebook page. Donald said they are honouring the later date of March 5.

“It’s really just an intention so I know we aren’t going to end up with 25 piano solos. We’d like a variety,” Donald said. “And right now we’re just taking one submission in each [category], but it depends again on how many we get, we might end up with two.”

Donald said they are looking for a variety of performances to showcase in the video to be compiled and posted to YouTube.

Applicants who are still hesitant on which category to enter or which performance to submit can add a note that they are still deciding.

Thus far, Donald said she knows of about eight submissions. She said the submissions go directly to her committee, so she does not have an exact number.

Donald said she is aware of one performer who has never been in the regular festival and one Rose Bowl winner.

Since this is the first time performances are not held in person, there could be some unforeseen circumstances that delay applicants from submitting their clips.

As far as technical difficulties of filming and submitting the videos, Donald said they are not aware of any because the deadline coming up is just a form to be filled. However, they have young people on the committee who are well versed in technology if any applicant needs help, Donald added.

The deadline to state your intentions to participate in a virtual Festival of the Performing Arts is fast approaching – paperwork is due in by Friday, to give organizers time to plan. However, video submissions will not be due until April. – File photo

The compiled video that will showcase all the performances will only be viewable to those who have the link. This means that no one can YouTube search the compiled video.

Donald said the committee decided to do this in order to avoid any negative comments directed at performers.

The Performing Arts Festival has been running for 80 years, with the youngest participant being four and the oldest 60. This festival usually attracts applicants from the Rainy River District and International Falls.

The deadline for submitting the video performances is April 7. Due to COVID-19, applicants will not be charged to enter the festival, there will be no adjudicators and there will be no presentation of awards, scholarships or bursaries.