Pennies from heaven

Since mid-September, Bethel Baptist Church here has been collecting pennies to help raise money for Nat and Thea Lehmann’s trip to Mozambique as missionaries.
It was a contest between the leaders and “clubbers” in AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed)—and races don’t come much closer than this.
The kids, or “clubbers,” raised $396.82 and the leaders $386.97—a difference of just $9.85 for a $783.79 total.
“It’s been fun, I never thought we’d get this far. It’s been amazing,” Pastor Tony Geense said, adding children were even going in to buy pennies.
Volunteers counted pennies Sunday and had the grand total Tuesday. They even separated American and Canadian coins to take advantage of the exchange rate.
There were 40 children, aged three to 12, involved in the penny competition.
The Lehmanns will leave for Brazil on April 30, where they will spend a year in language training before heading to Mozambique in Africa.