Parenting is the most important job: NHU

the NHU

During November, the Northwestern Health Unit is promoting the message to parents that their job is like no other.
Being a parent is a big responsibility. Parents are role models to their children in learning how to behave, how to treat others, and how to make healthy choices in their lives.
Take time to talk to your children. Read, play, and share experiences with them.
Newborns need to be picked up and held. They cannot be spoiled at this age.
Toddlers benefit from regular routines and limits to keep them safe. Pre-schoolers learn how to handle new experiences and prepare for school with the support and patience of their family.
All children need to feel safe, secure, and loved. Be available to your kids and make quality time for them every day.
We all can use information and good ideas when it comes to parenting. The Northwestern Health Unit and its community partners annually produce a Community Parenting Inventory of resources and sites where parents can access information, classes, or support.
Calendars for 2012 have been developed by the “Healthy Babies, Healthy Children” program with positive parenting messages to support you in your job as a parent throughout the year.
Copies will be available at your local Northwestern Health Unit office before the new year.
For more information about parenting, contact the “Healthy Babies, Healthy Children” program at 1-800-465-4377 or visit