‘Pajama party’ planned

Peggy Revell

After proving to be popular last year, the “Beautiful Unique Girl” team is returning to St. Mary’s Church here next Friday (Sept. 25) to throw a “pajama party” with a positive message for local girls.
The team—made up of five girls—travels across Canada to promote self-esteem in young girls, and discuss the messages in our culture and how they influence people, explained Monica McCrory of St. Mary’s Church.
Last year, the Winnipeg-based group made a “well-received” stop here, with 50 local girls attending a beach-themed party.
Once again partnering with the St. Mary’s youth ministry, the team is returning to transform the church’s youth room into a pajama party for girls aged 12-17.
Originally slated for Thursday, Sept. 24, which was a school night, the party has been moved to the Friday to give more girls a chance to attend, McCrory noted.
It will run from 5-9 p.m., with tickets costing $35 each.
“Our cut-off is going to be 50 girls, but that shouldn’t discourage anybody,” said McCrory. “We want them to call and sign up.
“It will be fun for all the girls,” she enthused.
The evening includes supper and a nail-painting session. There also will be speakers, dessert and a snack, as well as a mini-concert.
“It was just amazing that these girls came, they spoke about personal things in their lives,” said McCrory, recalling last year’s success.
“It really hit home with the girls—about not being accepted in school, not being able to find a group of friends,” she noted.
McCrory said low self-esteem is an issue girls really are faced with nowadays.
“They look at the magazines, they look at TV, they see the supermodels, and they don’t understand that it’s all airbrushed and redone, and they think that they’re supposed to look like this.
“Nobody is that perfect, and nobody looks like that in real life,” she stressed.
“No matter what you look like, how you act, or who you are, God’s always there and always there to love you,” McCrory remarked, citing the big message for the evening.
Sign up by calling St. Mary’s Church at 274-5233.