Orchestra, bands to play


A switch in scheduling means those attending the Rainy River District Festival of the Performing Arts to watch the Borderland Community Orchestra play at Tuesday’s 6:30 p.m. session at the Townshend Theatre now will also get to see both Fort High’s senior and jazz band perform.
While the senior and jazz band originally were slated to play during an daytime session this week, a scheduling conflict has meant their performances have been moved, festival committee member John Jankiewicz explained.
“Our re-scheduling has put the high school’s senior band and jazz band in the same session as the Borderland Community Orchestra,” he said.
“[So] people can come out and support the high school kids and hear the community orchestra for just $2.”
Also set to play tomorrow evening are the younger violinists and fiddlers, Jankiewicz noted.
The switch to the evening performance also means people such as parents, who might miss out on it during the day because of work, now can come out and see the band.
“If it actually works, maybe we’ll do it again,” Jankiewicz added, noting that attending the performances also goes towards helping to support the annual festival.