Opportunities found for local wood supply


New forestry opportunities have been identified for the Rainy River District, following a recent wood supply study.

Boundary Waters Forest Management Corporation in Partnership with Rainy River Future Development Corporation and Atikokan Economic Development Corporation has conducted a Wood Supply Study on the Boundary Waters Forest Sustainable Forest Licence (SFL).

The Purpose of the wood supply study was to examine the current harvest and procurement strategies being implemented on the Boundary Waters Forest, for the current 2020-30 Forest Management Plan (FMP) and identify where there are potential opportunities for new entrants and users for forest products. This included examining unutilized and uncommitted volumes, as well as opportunities in residual biomass volumes from ongoing harvest activities.

As a result of this Wood Supply study several wood opportunities have been identified on the Boundary Waters Forest that could allow for the expansion of existing facilities and the potential for new wood fiber facilities throughout the Rainy River District.

Biomass represents the largest volume of unutilized fiber available on the forest. Biomass is classified as the unused portions of the tree that are available as harvest residue. The Boundary Waters Forest could support a large biomass facility (800,000 m3) in the Rainy River District or several more modest biomass facilities (300,000 m3) that could be located in one or more locations throughout the district.

The results of the Wood Supply Study also identify potential opportunities with White and Red Pine, Cedar and White Birch on the Boundary Waters Forest.

Boundary Waters Forest Management Corp. is responsible for the development of Fibre Supply Business Agreements (FSBA) with potential proponents which provides for a commitment to the requested fiber. The process to apply for an FSBA requires the submission of a business plan that provides details on fiber procurement strategies, socio-economic impacts, First Nation/Metis involvement and project details.