OPP surplus moved to 2003 budget

The town isn’t done with setting its 2004 budget yet as events again took a turn yesterday that sees council looking to find about $150,000 more than before to balance the budget.
After hearing news from the OPP that policing costs for 2003 saw a surplus of $114,000, council decided yesterday to put that total—along with a projected surplus of $100,000 for policing costs for this year—back into last year’s budget to cover any deficits that may come to light following an audit later this month.
This was discussed at a special committee of the whole meeting yesterday, at which time it also was reported the town will be paying roughly $50,000 more than it expected to in a levy to Rainycrest Home for the Aged this year.
The town’s share of the Rainycrest levy, which is split between district municipalities, is now almost $700,000.
Totalled with the projected OPP surplus of $100,000 for this year, this effectively means the town is now looking for an extra $150,000, which may come forth in the budget process as a tax increase for residential, large industrial, farmlands, and pipeline properties.
Meanwhile, the $214,000 put back into the 2003 budget will be used to cover any deficit that comes up there.
One factor that still remains an unknown is how much the River Walk Condominiums will end up costing the town.
While $63,000 was put aside in the 2002 budget to cover the costs of paying for the upkeep of unsold units, as well as interest on the town’s loan for the investment and legal fees, the bill may end up being an estimated $113,000, treasurer Peggy Dupuis said.