OPP starting seatbelt campaign

The OPP will buckle down on drivers who fail to buckle up during the Spring Seatbelt Campaign starting Saturday and running through to April 26, 2003.
OPP officers will be patrolling Saturday province-wide throughout the campaign and are determined to stop unbuckled drivers in their tracks.
Motorists continue to place their lives and those of their passengers–including children in grave danger by not using seatbelts, despite the fact that seatbelt restraint is a safety measure that has been proven time and time again to reduce the number of deaths and serious injury in motor vehicle collisions.
Drivers need to be particularly mindful of the safety of children when travelling, ensuring that child safety seats are installed according to Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and that children are safely strapped in 100 percent of the time.
Reducing fatalities and serious injury should be the number one reason to buckle up, however the OPP is also reminding motorists that increased collision fatalities and injury impacts our healthcare costs enormously.
Millions of dollars are spent every year on collision victims who fail to buckle up and we can significantly reduce these costs, freeing up hospital resources for the sick if we all just take the time to ensure that seatbelts are worn at all times.
OPP officers would rather see travelers safely buckled in than write them a ticket, therefore they are reminding every person who gets behind the wheel to take a few seconds to buckle everybody up safely and remember that everyone deserves to be safe on the road.