Open house on traffic flow set for June 6

After a pre-construction meeting with Bay City Contractors Inc. last week, the town will be altering traffic flow a little differently than previously thought to allow for construction work on Central Avenue and Scott Street this summer.
Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said Monday the work, which includes sewer and water rehabilitation, as well as reconstruction of portions of the roads, will be done in four phases.
Phase one will see Church Street, between Mowat Avenue and Central Avenue, closed for one week between June 11-18. For phase two, Scott Street—from Mowat to Central—will be closed for repairs between June 18-July 16.
During these first two phases, border-bound traffic flow will continue down Central Avenue.
However, for phases three and four, Central Avenue will be closed south of First Street East—meaning border-bound traffic will have to be re-routed eastward on First Street, then south on Mowat and west on Church.
During phase three, the stretch of Central Avenue from just south of First Street East to south of Scott Street will be reconstructed. During phase four, the remaining span of Central Avenue from Scott Street to Church Street will be completed.
Phase three will take place between July 16-30 while phase four is expected to be wrapped up by Sept. 1.
Then from Sept. 1 until mid-October, border-bound traffic will continue to be diverted down First Street as the contractor installs curbs and gutters and paves Central Avenue.
“People have got to realize the reason why we’re diverting them is because we have this effluent line that we don’t have a lot of details on,” said Brown. “In other words, the mill doesn’t know the elevation of the line and stuff like that.
“We have to make sure we don’t bust the effluent line when we’re doing the work.
“There’s a different method of packing the materials and granulars and everything,” Brown added. “We have to take extra care.”
He stressed that in the near future, the town will be giving notice to affected property owners regarding the construction schedule and its associated traffic flow changes.
Brown also noted the public is invited to an open house next Wednesday (June 6) at 7 p.m. at the Civic Centre to learn more and ask any questions.
In related news, Brown noted there’s been a slight delay on the Portage Avenue underpass reconstruction as the contractor, JTJ Contracting Ltd. Inc. of Emo, must obtain more geotechnical information before starting work.
He explained some workers were on site last week, but this was just for soil testing and not the start of the actual reconstruction work.
“We’re delayed by a week or so,” he explained. “You should see more activity next week.”