Online resources help with labour relations

Press Release

The provincial government has launched a new web-based service that allows Ontarians to apply online for conciliation and arbitration help during their collective bargaining.
This results in faster processing for applicants, more efficiency, and the streamlining of services.
It also will reduce costly and outdated paper requests.
“Stable labour relations are critical to a strong economy and making Ontario an attractive place to work and invest,” said Labour minister Laurie Scott.
“By bringing digital, accessible services to Ontarians to help them with their collective bargaining, we’re encouraging successful negotiations while reducing red tape,” she noted.
The new resource follows on the heels of the recent launch of Collective Bargaining Ontario, an interactive website that provides neutral labour relations data and trends.
This one-stop shop for collective bargaining information also helps employers and labour eliminate costly paperwork and mailings, and speeds up time-sensitive information searches when negotiating parties undergo collective bargaining.
It also supports small businesses that cannot afford expensive collective bargaining research.
“This is just another example of how Ontario has become a leader in providing new and innovative 21st-century accessible digital resources to the public, including the services we provide workers and employers,” Scott said.
On July 1, Ontario will start publishing grievance arbitration awards online to reflect its commitment to transparency while reducing costly paper requests.
Before the launch of new online application forms, the public only could apply for these labour relations services through outdated methods of mail and fax.