One lane of traffic at overpass


Construction season has returned and with it comes one-lane traffic for area residents coming and going via the east end of town.

Until the second week of June construction will be ongoing at the overpass, as highlighted by manager of Operations and Facilities Travis Rob at the town council meeting here Monday evening.

Last week the contractors were getting organized at the site and the bridge deck of the overpass was milled in preparation of the installation of expansion joints.

On Saturday, temporary traffic signals were put back into place to allow the temporary asphalt to be removed from the expansion joints.

On Monday, the bridge sub-contractor was on site installing the actual joints which will continue for approximately one more day (through tomorrow).

The project is somewhat weather-permitting as the contractors have to lay elastomeric concrete which requires seven days time to dry before it can be driven on.

“If it’s pouring rain that could impede their ability to actually lay the concrete in the joints,” said Rob.

But once the concrete is laid they can place a tarp over it for protection from the elements.

“While they’re working on the bridge deck they are also doing site landscaping and cleanup,” Rob noted.

“It is anticipated that the temporary traffic signals will be up for a period of about four weeks while they finish the expansion joint work.”

Meanwhile, the town could soon receive federal funding to rehabilitate a section of Colonization Road West.

Fort Frances applied for infrastructure funding through the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) and received word last week that the project has been recommended to the federal government by the province.

Travis Rob said from talking with ICIP staff he’s not entirely sure how long the evaluation will take but they don’t anticipate it being a drawn-out affair.