OMB hearing set for April 1


A group of local residents will get a chance to voice their concerns about the rezoning of property on Emo Road here at an Ontario Municipal Board hearing scheduled for Wednesday, April 1 at 10 a.m. at the Civic Centre.
Back on Oct. 27, council passed a bylaw to rezone property at 1345 Emo Rd. from institutional to multi-residential (Residential Type Four, or R4) so local resident and business owner Dave Petsnick could convert the United Pentecostal Church into a three-unit apartment complex.
The rezoning also would permit the possible construction of an additional complex there at some point down the road.
But a group of west-end residents who showed up for the public meeting at the Civic Centre felt they were not given due notice of the rezoning nor given a fair chance to voice their concerns about it.
They then filed an appeal of the rezoning with the OMB, which has since granted them a hearing April 1.
Shortly after the Oct. 27 meeting, the Times learned the United Pentecostal Church had been anticipating the sale of its Emo Road property so it could move into the former St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church at the corner of Church Street and Victoria Avenue here.
Those plans have been put on hold as the church’s relocation remains contingent on the property sale.