Obey parking ban or face fines, says town

    With downtown traffic being rerouted due to the construction on Central Avenue, the town is reminding motorists that parking is banned on the west side of Mowat Avenue between First Street East and Church Street.
    “We’ve put up the signs on the west side of Mowat Avenue, and people are just parking there like crazy,” said town CAO Mark McCaig yesterday afternoon, adding the “no parking” signage is “substantial.”
    “We’re kind of extending a little grace right now, in the short term. But tomorrow or the next day, because there could be lineups, we’re going to start ticketing vehicles parking on the west side of Mowat,” he added.
    McCaig noted the town has made allowances for parking issues resulting from the detour. While parking on the south side of the 100 block of First Street East is prohibited, on the 200 block of First Street, which normally has calendar parking, the town’s allowed parking on both sides of the street.
    “We’re having a little bit of a problem and our bylaw department will be issuing tickets to people parked in those zones,” added McCaig. “All day today it’s been nonstop. We are going to be ticketing those people.
    “We can’t afford to have people parked along there. They would be blocked in by a lineup to the bridge. There can not be parking in that area at all.”
    The work on Central Avenue will be ongoing until October.