NWHU seeking public’s help with needle trash

Press Release

With spring weather here and the snow melting, litter and garbage that was hidden in the snow is now visible. There is a chance that discarded needles may be a part of the garbage found around our communities.
NWHU has needle pick up kits, can provide training on how to do this safely and responsibly, and assists when possible to pick up needles.
However, with our staff working to help in the fight against COVID-19, responding to requests for needle pick-ups is difficult, and takes time away from other urgent work. We are asking community members to pick-up needles if they are able to and feel comfortable.
Picking up needles is safe with these simple steps:
• Put on gloves if you have some.
• Use a hard-sided plastic container for disposal.
• Pick up the needle with the point facing down. Keep the needle pointing away from you. If you want, you can use tongs to pick up the needle.
• Place the needle, point end first, into the container.
• When everything has been picked up, put the lid on the container and tape it shut.
• Wash your hands or clean them with hand sanitizer.
• Return the container and its contents to your local Northwestern Health Unit office.
We appreciate all of the efforts from our municipal partners, volunteers, and the community in helping to keep our communities clean of litter.