NWHU-led COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Vaccination clinics have opened across the District, with those aged 75 and over now eligible to register for a COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the Northwestern Health Unit, the clinics have been designed with safety in mind, to limit contact between clients. Each clinic has signage indicating entrances, parking, exits, and different stations (check-in, registration, etc.). Depending on the location of the clinic, the regular entrance to a site may not be used. The public are asked to look for signage and follow instructions.

A regular flow for the clinic is: parking; entrance; check-in; screening; registration; immunization; waiting area (15 minutes); check out; exit (different location than entrance).

The flow of the clinic is linear to help flow and reduce the chance of COVID-19 from spreading. All stations allow for physical distancing and PPE is worn by all staff. NWHU staff, other health care professionals, and volunteers may be staffing clinics.

Other tips for the public:

  • Wear a short sleeved shirt so the upper-arm is easily accessible.
  • Some locations may be cold, dress warmly if needed.
  • Masks are required at clinics
  • COVID-19 screening is done at the clinic upon entry. If you fail the screen, you will be asked to leave and must rebook.
  • Before your immunization, you must speak to your health care provider if you are: pregnant, immunocompromised, have an autoimmune disorder or are allergic to mRNA vaccines or their components.

Once immunized, the public is reminded that they must continue to follow all prevention measures like wearing a mask, physical distancing, staying home when ill, and hand hygiene. A vaccine does not grant an exemption to travel restrictions, including mandatory testing and quarantine upon arrival in Canada.

The public are not allowed to take photos inside the clinic. This is communicated both verbally and by signage.