Nutrition session set for college students

Bryce Forbes

For those worried about gaining the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen,” there is help for you.
Presented by Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc., Rylee Blasky and Rooksana Randeree are offering “Nutrition Survival 101”—billed as an educational session for new or returning post-secondary students on campus.
A pair of two-day sessions are being offered, with the first one starting tomorrow from 1-3 p.m. in the ground floor meeting room at La Verendrye Hospital.
“We will talk about the ‘Freshman Fifteen’ and how that is a myth,” said Blasky, a nutrition graduate.
“It all depends because it does happen to quite a few students, so we want to teach them how to prevent it and keep them at their natural weight,” she explained.
The first day of the session will be spent on on-campus eating while the second day on Thursday (July 15) will look at cooking both on- and off-campus.
“We will be talking about how to find healthy food on campus in transforming any meal into a healthier one,” Blasky said.
“So even if students want to go to a pizza place, there are healthier options there.
“We also want to talk about how you can eat healthier in your residence room,” she added. “So just packing up some healthy snacks you can pack up in your bar fridge and storing your shelves with crackers and stuff like that.
Blasky said some introductory cooking skills also will be discussed for those students living off-campus.
“We are going to make some meals and teach students how they can use items for several different meals,” she noted.
“So it helps to keep costs down, and also so they don’t have to buy a bunch more ingredients so there is less waste.”
The session is open to 10 people. There is no fee to attend but those interested must pre-register through Shawn at 274-4817.
For those who miss the first session, a second one is planned for Aug. 18-19.