Normiska on track with site preparation

Plans to build a peat plant here are, for the most part, progressing to the satisfaction of Normiska Corp. president and CEO David Graham.
In a brief phone conversation from his Toronto office yesterday afternoon, Graham said ongoing activity at the company’s property along McIrvine Road is still centered around site preparation.
But before mid-summer, Graham is hoping building plans and the production of bark mulch will be realized, along with composted bark harvesting later this fall.
“It’s foundation and road preparation–the logistical infrastructure for the operation,” he remarked.
Piles of bark are being delivered to the site to provide a base for both the plant and working pad.
“The work pad is where we will do our mulch piles and composting,” Graham said.
He also noted prospects for sales from the production of bark mulch and composted bark are very good, with interested buyers in the mid-western U.S.
“I’m very optimistic about our sales. I’ve had a good response,” he said.
Meanwhile, barring any kind of security regulators coming into play, Graham said he plans to take Normiska public later this spring.
“This will give an opportunity for people in town to invest in the project if they wish,” he added.
As far as the status of employment opportunities at the future plant and production site, Graham said Normiska already has a “raft” of resumes and applications.
And while he’s being cautious about hiring predictions, he expected to have a roster of four or five employees in place before harvesting operations begin in the latter part of the summer.
That figure excluded local trucking contractors now being used.
“We’re sealing this operation up in an efficient and economical fashion,” Graham stressed. “We want to encourage a strong local flavour of support services and contractors, and that includes local electrical and mechanical support.”
Graham is slated to give a presentation and overview of Normiska’s interests in the area at the Chamber of Commerce’s general membership meeting next Tuesday at noon at La Place Rendez-Vous.