NOMA board calls for senator’s resignation

Press Release

Members of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association board are calling on Sen. Lynn Beyak to resign.
The move comes following a letter in which she stated, “Trade your status card for a Canadian citizenship, with a fair and negotiated payout to each Indigenous man, woman and child in Canada to settle all outstanding land claims and treaties and move forward together just like the leaders already do in Ottawa.”
The NOMA board expressed disgust, noting that the senator’s comments were beyond ignorant and crossed a line.
In a resolution moved by Thunder Bay Coun. Iain Angus, and seconded by Sioux Lookout Mayor Doug Lawrance, the board supported that NOMA condemn the remarks of Sen. Beyak and request that she resign as senator.
“We, as leaders in the northwest, cannot support a senator who at the end of the day is appointed to represent
Northwestern Ontario yet makes such ignorant and erroneous remarks,” said Mayor Wendy Landry, who is president of NOMA.
“To even refer that the indigenous people in our country should become Canadian citizens, when, in fact, they already are, has crossed a line,” she noted.
“We are collectively working toward truth and reconciliation in our country, and in particular in the northwest, and her comments work against the initiatives currently underway,” Mayor Landry added.
The board discussed Beyak’s claims to have met extensively with the Truth and Reconciliation Committee in Sioux Lookout, where it was noted she only conducted a three-hour meeting with the group.
It also said it became very apparent that the senator needed to improve her knowledge on indigenous culture, challenges, and successes.
“Sen. Beyak is not the kind of representative the northwest wants nor deserves,” Mayor Landry said.