No more Friday Night Magic at library


There will be no more Friday Night Magic events at the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre (FFPLTC).
Due to low attendance, diverging format preferences, and the fact that lead organizer Jeremy Hughes has now moved on from the library and is the town’s new information technology manager, Friday Night Magic events are cancelled indefinitely.
However, organizers will continue sanctioned Prerelease events on Saturdays for each new set release, subject to adequate demand for these events.
Prerelease events will continue to be run in partnership with Thunder Games & Gifts in Thunder Bay. The next Prerelease event will take place on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019 at 11 a.m.
Players are still welcome to come play Magic anytime at the library. Organizers may even adopt a casual “Commander Night” on some other weekday, given demand.
The Public Library Players League was formed by Hughes with the help of local Fort Frances High School students in the fall of 2014.
The PL2 ran organized tournaments at the FFPLTC every Friday Night for five years. Over 140 unique players have participated in the league since it was created.
Over 350 distinct events were completed during the program’s run.
Special events, such as Prereleases for new Magic: The Gathering set launches, continue to this day.
Hughes would like to thank all of the dedicated players, volunteers and store partners over the years, and especially thank the players that helped them get started on this journey.
He hopes to see players at the next Prerelease.