No LED light exchange in the works But savings still available

FORT FRNCES—As Christmas draws nearer and local residents and businesses decorate for the holiday season, the Fort Frances Power Corp. wants people to keep in mind that LED lights are a smart alternative.
And while the FFPC is not be holding an LED Christmas light exchange program in partnership with Canadian Tire like it did very successfully last year, its customers can get a break when buying LED Christmas lights, as well as other energy smart products, with a special coupon book they received in the mail last month.
“What is being promoted right now as a payback to the customer is a coupon program through the Ontario Power Authority,” noted FFPC CEO Jim Kibiuk.
The coupons include $5 off a string of LED Christmas lights, $3 off compact fluorescent light bulbs, $3 off dimmer switches, and $15 off programmable thermostats.
They’re good until Nov. 30.
Kibiuk also said the public can get more of the coupons at the FFPC office.
“We have lots of coupons available for $5 off on a string, so if someone is going out to purchase strings of lights, the coupons are here and available,” he remarked.
Kibiuk added while the LED light exchange was “very successful” last year, it was a one-shot program intended to get people on the path to switching over to more energy-efficient type of lights.
“We looked at trying to do the LED exchange again,” he noted. “But when our original conservation budgets were approved by the Ontario Energy Board, we were only allocated so many dollars per program.
“We used up all our money we had in our budget last year. I think it was close to $10,000,” added Kibiuk. “We went at it quite extensively last year, and it was good to get it going.”
Kibiuk said switching to LED lights is encouraged based on the following facts:
•A string of LED “strawberry” lights uses only 0.05 watts of electricity per bulb compared to a traditional incandescent light consuming seven watts per bulb;
•Although LED lights cost more to buy, they pay for themselves in one-five years through reduced energy use and bulb replacement;
•LED lights can last up to 200,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for a traditional incandescent string; and
•LED lights are safer. They’re more durable, with no filament or glass bulbs to break, and they produce very little heat, reducing the risk of fire.
The Town of Fort Frances even got into the spirit of energy conservation last year, when 100 new strings of LED lights were used to decorate the trees in front of the Civic Centre.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)