No answers yet on auditorium costs

Almost all the tenders are out but Fort Frances council still doesn’t have any answers as to why the auditorium is almost $300,000 over-budget so far on its construction budget.
Council approved $1.855 million on the construction budget, but as of Monday, the theatre portion of the construction came in at $2.1 million.
At its regular meeting Monday, architect John Croker told council the final bill hadn’t been tallied. But he expected more answers would be available after the steering committee meeting, with Couns. Struchan Gilson and Bill Martin to be there on behalf of council
“There are a number of optional prices,” Croker added, noting the structural steel was almost up. “The next phase will be to pour the slab.”
But with the school-portion of the “multi-use” project $5 million over-budget, Coun. Dave Bourgeault said he was concerned about who was going to be saddled with the extra costs.
“I personally . . .don’t want this project going the same way,” he explained.
Mayor Glenn Witherspoon added he’d been assured the Ministry of Education and Training would be picking up the extra tab.
Meanwhile, work crews are “going to beat the band” on the multi-use project, John McLeod noted, with the steel work scheduled to be done by next Tuesday.
McLeod, acting director of education for the Rainy River District School Board, said things are “going very well” at the “multi-use” site. With rumours of a possible steel workers strike circulating, McLeod was glad the steel work here is almost done.
“They’re working as fast as possible to get the steel up,” he said. “Hopefully they’ll be no more delays,” he said.
Platforms will be up by the end of the month, McLeod said, and work crews are busy finishing off Confederation College’s portion of the building.
“Confederation College has to get in there [in September] so they’re doing interior there now,” he noted.
McLeod expected to put a final price tag on the building within the next week or two.