New Yoga fitness centre opens on Thursday/tomorrow

Merna Emara
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A new yoga-based centre called Tru North Yoga Cooperative is opening on 306 Scott St., beside Fort Floral. The new centre is owned by Deirdre O’Sullivan-Drombolis, Brian Cousineau and Tracey Cunningham-Coran.
There is only one class offered by O’Sullivan-Drombolis on Thursday. The rest of the classes will resume after Labour Day.
O’Sullivan-Drombolis said she and her two business parters have been wanting to an inclusive space for yoga classes where people can have a variety of different teachers and styles. O’Sullivan-Drombolis added that the demand has been evolving over the COVID time.
“I was teaching classes outside when the restrictions were lifted. After the three of us got together to do our sun salutations (a practice in yoga as exercise in the Hatha Yoga tradition on 9th century in India) we thought about having the space to teach classes because I was teaching them outside. At some point it will get colder and we can no longer teach outside.”
Although O’Sullivan-Drombolis is a certified yoga teacher, this is her side gig. She is a full-time paediatric physiotherapist with Fort Frances Tribal Area Health Services.
“The three of us are teachers. Brian taught in various spaces around this area. I just finished my 500-hour yoga teacher training.”
People have been reaching out and wanting to do classes and there was not the space to do that, O’Sullivan-Drombolis said. She said they typically rent a hall or go to the gym which are not ideal locations for a practice that works to build harmony between the mind and body.
Tru North Yoga Cooperative will offer a wide variety of inclusive yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels.
“The beginner yoga class is offered four times a week. The sculpt n’box is twice a weeks. Kids’ yoga is once a week. Men’s yoga is once a week,” O’Sullivan-Drombolis said. “There is a gentle yoga for people with chronic health conditions that is once a week. Then there is three beginner to intermediate level classes once a week. There is a yoga fusion class with high intensity interval training. There is also a chakra-based class that is once a week.”
Drop-ins are $15 if you decided you wanted to try just one class. There is also a package for $60 that gives five passes to use for any class that you wish. There is also a package for $100 that give 10 passes to the same or different classes.
In order to register for passes, Facebook search “Tru North Yoga Cooperative.”The Facebook page will lead to a form where you can pay using your credit card or PayPal. If these options don’t work for you, O’Sullivan-Drombolis said she can be reached at (807) 276-3077 to discuss different payment methods.
“Yoga is a movement practice which is good for your body, but helps you be present, helps you calm the mind, it helps you control your energy,” O’Sullivan-Drombolis said.