New school eyed at Robert Moore site Huffman would close if approved

Three district schools have received the Prohibitive to Repair (PTR) designation and as a result, the Rainy River District School Board is moving forward with plans to consolidate Robert Moore and F.H. Huffman schools here.
The PTR designation means funds will be provided to a board to rebuild a school, rather than renovate it, where it is deemed appropriate.
The Ministry of Education has declared more than 200 schools in the province as PTR, and is undergoing a process to provide specific boards with approval to begin the renewal process.
Robert Moore and F.H. Huffman have progressed to the second stage of the ministry process for providing funds to boards to rebuild schools in the province.
A final decision has not been made, but information should flow to the board by September.
In anticipation of the approval, the board passed a motion Tuesday night to begin the pupil accommodation review process.
Because Robert Moore and F.H. Huffman are facing declining enrolment and are in close proximity, the board will undergo a pupil accommodation review for both schools.
In accordance with ministry guidelines, Robert Moore does not require an extensive review because the new school will be built on the same site.
Consultation about the process for Robert Moore will occur with the new school council there in September.
The process for pupil accommodation for F.H. Huffman, on the other hand, will require seven months prior to the board making a decision.
Parents, trustees, staff, and community members will form an accommodation review committee to begin the consultation process as early as mid-October.
Work already has begun by meeting with the school councils of F.H. Huffman and Robert Moore.
The board said it is excited about the opportunity to design and build new facilities that will serve the needs of students well into the future.
The board also recognizes the aboriginal population in its schools is changing and sees opportunities to design culturally-appropriate facilities.
Technology is supporting education in many exciting ways, and must be considered when designing and building a school for the future.