New rink finally set to open

The long wait by Alberton skaters is over. Thanks to Mother Nature, the ice finally has formed on their new outdoor rink.
And that’s good news for the township as it’s planned a community skating party tomorrow evening (Dec. 28) to mark the grand-opening of the Millennium rink.
“As long as the weather holds out, it will be ready,” administrative assistant Beth Logue said last week.
Logue said the skating party, slated to start at 6 p.m., is going ahead as planned, with hot dogs, hot chocolate, and toasting marshmallows over a bonfire.
If Mother Nature co-operated with more snow over Christmas, there might even be sliding at the party.
Alberton’s recreation committee has been trying to open the new rink for the last two weeks but because of unseasonably mild temperatures, it just couldn’t get the ice to form.
“It has been a bad year for all outdoor rinks,” Logue said.
But with a minor cold snap last week, patches of ice began to form. “I know of people who have been skating a little bit over the last few days,” Logue said last Thursday.
While some young adventurers were willing to test out the rink, the township had been advising people not to strap on their blades because of a couple of bare spots on the surface.
The Millennium rink is located on Hill Road beside the old community hall, and will be open daily from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.
It is a $131,808.88 refurbishing of the older outdoor facility, and includes a rink shack and washroom facilities.
To save money, the rink is being run exclusively by volunteers and the recreation committee.
Logue said many seem to be very excited about finally getting to try out the new rink. “Everyone, especially the recreation committee, seems to really be looking forward to it,” she remarked.