New president for local ETFO chapter

Peggy Revell

After years of service within the local education system, the longtime president of the local chapter of the Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario has stepped down into retirement.
“It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work with the teachers here, that is a definite,” said Sharon Preston.
“[It’s been] a terrific group of teachers to work with, and I’m going to miss them,” she added. “I’m going to miss everybody.
“It’s been a good experience, working with the board personnel, as well, so that’s a positive.”
Calling her time as the local’s president both a positive experience and a “tremendous growth experience,” Preston said the things she’s most proud of accomplishing over the years has been some “major steps forward in working conditions,” as well as the progress that’s been made in the “realm of collective bargaining.”
“I think another thing is working with teachers to appreciate how important their collective agreement is,” she added.
“So on those two areas, I think that those are things leaving behind that I feel good about.”
Stepping up to the plate as the local’s new president will be Trevor Bowles, who has served as vice-president for nine years.
“If I can, I’d just like to keep on keeping on the way Sharon has done things. Sharon’s done an excellent job,” Bowles said.
He added he’s looking forward to making sure the teachers across the board are supported because if “the teachers have what they need, then all the students will definitely have a better chance of having what they need.”
Meanwhile, after teaching and working in education for 45 years, Preston is looking forward to having more free time.
“Right now, one of the big reasons for retiring was to have some flex time in my life,” she remarked.
“So my plan is to have no immediate plans,” she laughed.