New patio coming to La Place Rendez-Vous

By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

La Place Rendez-Vous is making the most of their provincially-mandated downtime to spruce up their outdoor patio area and continue work on a few of their rooms to ensure every visit to the business is top-quality.

Business owner Sarah Noonan shared that the most recent round of stay-at-home orders were the perfect time for them to start looking at making some large-scale changes that would be difficult to pull off in the middle of a busy season. The first job to tackle was the ever-popular outdoor patio that faces onto the lake, one of the must-go-to places for summer dining in the Borderland.

According to Noonan, the patio work was necessitated by the simple fact that over time, much of the underlying structure was beginning to give up. Whether it was because of constant moisture off the lake, frost-heaves in the winter, or just the everyday wear and tear on materials, Noonan decided that since it was going unused during the stay-at-home order, they might as well do the work.

A casual glimpse into the Vous’ backyard right now shows off the scope of what’s going to be different once the work is completed and customers are allowed back into the area. Heavy machinery has dug up a significant portion of the former patio, and the stairs from the ground level up to the second floor banquet hall area have been removed completely. Noonan explained that the stairs were taken out because they just weren’t used enough, and not having them there opened up the space to more patio area and a better view of the lakefront. Portions of the beach alongside the boat dock have also been extended, but some of the most impressive additions will be unseen by the wing-loving public.

A special system of pillars known as Postech screw piles have been installed that the new patio space will connect to, which Noonan said will alleviate the potential problems that come with soil erosion or frost-heaves in the future. The screw piles will serve as the foundation for the patio, ensuring the new space will look and act its best for years to come.

Not all of the work going on at the Vous is focused on the patio, however. There’s still some significant changes being made to the hotel side of things, with work in progress on updating some of the deluxe or premium room options. The suites will feature similar upgraded amenities to those installed last year, and will also have a significant-sized sliding door that will allow unfettered access to the lakefront view for those who want to splurge a little and sample the high life the Vous has to offer.

Noonan said both she and her staff are excited for the changes and hope that the public will enjoy the improvements once restrictions have been lifted and people can dine out again.

“We just can’t wait for this to be over and be fully open again,” she said.