New organizers needed for local Terry Fox Run

Peggy Revell

Local organizers are needed if the Terry Fox Run is to go in Fort Frances again this fall.
“We would love to be able to get some volunteers and certainly help out and put the run together, and continue the tradition,” said Kim Smith, the Ontario community events co-ordinator for the Terry Fox Foundation.
“Because it is an amazing tradition,” she noted. “To be at 30 years is a milestone and we’re very, very fortunate that it has continued in [Fort Frances].
“So let’s make it stronger than ever,” Smith urged.
In the past, the run has been organized by the local Volunteer Bureau. But this year, the organization has stepped down, meaning the Foundation is looking for someone else willing to run the event here on Sunday, Sept. 19.
“The Volunteer Bureau has said [its] facility can be used,” noted Smith, although she added the new organizers can change the location if they want to.
“We just need the bodies to organize the run,” she remarked.
“More than anything we have individuals,” explained Smith, referring to who often volunteers to organize Terry Fox Runs in communities.
“We do have a service club, but the majority of volunteers are individuals. They’re mothers, they’re fathers, they work, they don’t work.
“It really, really varies,” she added. “It’s just anyone who is willing to ensure that this continues, and willing to put the time in.
“And you can’t do it alone,” Smith stressed. “It’s about gathering a group of people together and dividing the tasks.”
She said it could be five or six people, or two or three, depending on how much they want to spread the workload.
Organizing the event entails different jobs—one of which includes confirming the route the run would use and checking with local officials to make sure it can be used.
“We provide posters and promotional materials, T-shirts if the organizers want to sell them in the community if they can, and all of the supplies needed for run day, the paperwork,” Smith said about how the Terry Fox Foundation can help local organizers plan.
Other possible tasks for organizers would include distributing posters and pledge sheets throughout the community, or possibly even setting up a table at a garage sale, festival, or anything where a booth could go to hand out information, sell merchandise, and promote the run so the community knows about it.
Smith said they are hoping to find someone to step in as soon as possible.
“We’ve had runs organized in a week’s time, but ideally you want someone to come forward as soon as possible because materials are now ready,” she explained.
“We start shipping the first week in July to the volunteers, so that they have the materials so they can start promoting.”
Those interested in more information can contact Smith at 1-888-836-9786 ext. 227 or via e-mail at
“As soon as they call, we just send them some reading materials to get them familiarized with our organization, and how to organize a run,” Smith noted.
“There’s never any pressure,” she stressed. “If they’re interested, they can just call us back.”