New kindergarten registration process unveiled

In an effort to make the transition from home to school more personal for parents and young children, the Rainy River District School Board announced a new registration process for prospective Junior and Senior Kindergarten students at its regular meeting here Tuesday night.
“We want to make the registration process more welcoming for new families,” said Linda Hill, assistant superintendent of education for the board.
On Feb. 25, elementary schools in the Fort Frances area will hold an informational “open house” for parents and their children.
Parents will have the chance to visit the classroom and the school their child will be attending, as well as ask questions of their child’s teacher.
The children also will be able to meet their teacher and visit the classroom.
Each family will receive a special book bag that will contain a workbook for parents and children to do together, called “Stepping into Kindergarten,” as well as a book for them to read together.
Parents also will receive tips to promote literacy and numeracy at home, the board’s mission and vision brochure, and school and bus information.
A similar “open house” will take place Feb. 26 in Atikokan from 2-5 p.m.
“We recognize that parents are a child’s first teacher,” Hill said.
“We welcome all families to meet with our staff to discuss how the kindergarten program builds upon what they have taught their child at home, as well as ways in which they can be a partner in their child’s education,” she added.
Since Feb. 25 will be an early dismissal day for schools, teachers and other school staff will be available to answer questions while families will be able to tour various parts of the school.
The goal of the new process is to improve the gathering of information as well as the personal aspect of the registration process.
Until now, each school has used its own registration form for new students. The public board plans to standardize the forms so each school gathers the same information.
(Fort Frances Times)