New Fort Frances gym aims to open this fall

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

In April of this year, Simeon Firth began reinvigorating the basement of 353 Scott Street Unit 1. With 5,000 square feet at his disposal, Firth saw the potential for a brand new gym.

“It’s been quite a journey,” said Firth. “But perfection takes time.”

He said he wanted a nice place to exercise, and figured the basement might not be used otherwise.

The gym, which will be named Increase Fitness, will be open 24/7, fully loaded with brand new exercise equipment.

“Everything that a gym should have, it will have,” said Firth.

He said people will be able to sign up for memberships online, and members can access their keycards on their phones, rather than needing physical copies.

In terms of security, Firth mentioned a tailgate system that recognizes when someone doesn’t scan in, but sneaks in behind a person with authorization. When that happens, the system automatically notifies staff, making it a safer place to exercise.

Firth said there will also be constant video surveillance for the safety of gym members.

He said he’s hoping to open Increase Fitness on October 1. Firth said there’s lots of bylaws to get through, so although the gym itself may be set up before then, he may need to wait for some things to be processed.

Stay tuned to the Increase Fitness social media pages for updates on its upcoming opening.