New dinner theatre comedy in the works

Duane Hicks

Get ready to laugh.
“Monday at the Manor”–a comedy in two acts written and directed by Tracy Gibson–will be performed Oct. 18-20 at La Place Rendez-Vous.
It’s been six years since Gibson and company staged the dinner theatre performance, “Bridie & Company,” and the local playwright felt it was high time to get back to the stage.
“Monday at the Manor” is a comedy that takes place at an elder care facility, Gibson told the Times.
“My goal with this project was to illustrate, through humour, that even though our physical appearance and our health issues change as we grow older, we are still the people we were–our emotions and opinions, etc.,” she explained.
“We’ve done it through humour, of course,” Gibson added, noting it also is “sort of a love story.”
“We’ve got jealousy, we’ve got love, we’ve got crushes, we’ve got intimidation,” she hinted.
Compared to her previous trilogy of “Suzette’s Closet,” “Father, Oh …,” and “Bridie & Company,” “this has a little more of the human touch to it,” Gibson noted.
“It’s heart-warming.”
When asked abut why it took so long to produce another comedy, Gibson said she and her husband, Rick, had a lot of obligations over the last few years so getting around to writing a play wasn’t on the agenda.
However, several of the cast members from the previous plays expressed a desire to do another comedy and the time finally was right.
Gibson said she wrote the play over this past winter and spring, with the cast starting rehearsals in late August.
The cast of “Monday at the Manor” includes Sarah Langtry, Darren Derendorf, Kerry Zucchiatti, Darryl Allan, Rob Tovey, Beth Logue, Brittany Strachan, Aela Mackintosh, and Lew Kempf–nearly all of whom have worked with Gibson in the past.
“The cast is incredible,” enthused Gibson, noting those who come to the play will recognize a lot of the actors but won’t recognize the characters.
“The ways in which they bring the words to life are beyond even my highest expectations,” she lauded.
“For people who are looking for an evening of fine dining, followed by great entertainment, ‘Monday at the Manor’ at La Place Rendez-Vous will be a real treat,” she added.
The dinner theatre format proved popular for “Suzette’s Closet,” “Father, Oh …,” and “Bridie & Company,” and Gibson has elected to go with it again for “Monday at the Manor.”
“The Rendez-Vous has been very, very kind to us,” Gibson stressed. “And’s it really nice for people to go out and have dinner and a show.”
Tickets cost $45 each (cash or cheque only), available at La Place Rendez-Vous, and only can be purchased in advance.
Cocktails are at 5:30 p.m., with dinner at 6 and then the play to follow dinner.
A special performance of “Monday at the Manor” also will be performed Friday, Nov. 2 at the Royal Canadian Legion in Rainy River.
Advance tickets for that dinner theatre performance are available for $35 each (cash or cheque only) at Kreger Sales & Service.
Cocktails once again will be at 5:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 6 and then the play.