New dentist settling in here

Bryce Forbes

Before committing himself to a dentist office in southern Ontario, Michael Wu wanted to explore all what the province had to offer.
So six months ago, he accepted a position with Dr. Mary Ellen Kennedy’s office. And despite only being signed up for the rest of the year, he might be here for a long time.
“I just like it here,” Dr. Wu said. “I love the outdoors and I’m a pretty active person, so Fort Frances seems like a nice place for me.
“It’s a nice little community,” he added. “I’ve met a couple of friends and the people here are really nice, and it always nice to not have to commute to work.
“I know it’s an underserviced area, so I do my best to serve the community.”
Born in Calgary but raised in Toronto, Dr. Wu graduated from the University of Toronto in 2008. He spent two years practising in Toronto and Ottawa before venturing up here.
“I wanted the change from the big city lifestyle to something more peaceful and quiet,” he noted. “I heard about the opportunities small towns had to offer in regards to patients being more friendly.
“It’s just a simple lifestyle all together.”
Dr. Wu also was excited after learning how people in smaller areas are nicer towards their dentist.
“I find that in the small towns, people tend to be more friendly and it allows me to care for the person rather than look at them as a business,” he reasoned.
“I find the patients here are definitely more friendly than the city,” he stressed. “People here are more personable and more personal, and the patients seem to be more amicable.”
Dr. Wu heard about the opening in Fort Frances on a dentistry in Ontario website and decided to check it out.
“Before I committed to anything [in southern Ontario], I wanted to leave my options open and try to see something new,” he said.
“I’ve always wanted to work up Northwestern Ontario in a remote area for the experience. I just happened to find the job in the advertisement, so I wanted to give it a shot before I commit myself to something.
“I just wanted a more simple lifestyle where it keeps me from distractions of everyday life, and to just focus on my work and take care of my patients as well as living a very simple lifestyle,” he reiterated.
His new boss, Dr. Kennedy, is easily impressed with his work.
“We have never had anyone who has fit in so well in my practice,” she said. “He’s caring, his work is fantastic, he has excellent judgement, he has taken special courses to do root canals.
“I couldn’t ask for a better dentist.
“He likes to work and the dentist is very busy,” Dr. Kennedy added. “He likes to work out and there is a gym close to here, and he came with his wife, so he’s a happy camper.”
Dr. Wu currently is accepting new patients and said he can do most things in dentistry, with interests in aesthetics and root canal therapy.
“I think the biggest thing is the staff that I work with is amazing,” he lauded. “I love the practise, it is just phenomenal.
“At first I was hesitant, but the longer I stayed, the patients are really nice and it doesn’t even seem that I’m going to work.
“I look forward every day to coming to work and I do my best for my patients,” he enthused.
While only contractually here until December, Dr. Kennedy will more than happily keep him on.
“Well, we hope he is going to be here long-term,” she said.
“I think his outlook is better because he is thinking about staying here long-term.”