New Crown attorney for district on way

Duane Hicks

More than four months after losing its last Crown attorney, Rainy River District once again will have as of March 1.
The Ministry of the Attorney General notified the Times on Friday morning that Jason Clouston, currently a Crown attorney in Manitoba, will assume the role at the Fort Frances Courthouse.
He will fill the vacancy left by Colleen Hepburn, who stepped down as the Crown attorney for Rainy River District in mid-September.
“It’s very good news. It’s about time it was filled,” Mayor Roy Avis said Friday.
“It’s hoped that going forward, we’ll be able to keep that position filled and also look [for] an assistant so that we can get the courts working properly in this district,” he added.
Mayor Avis noted the previous Crown attorney cited an excessive workload as the reason for leaving.
“The workload was too much for one person,” he remarked.
“[The district] has the highest workload per Crown in the province.”
Local Police Services Board chair John McTaggart also said he was relieved by the recent announcement of a new Crown attorney for Rainy River District.
“I believe that it’s going to be positive,” he noted.
“It will help the police by offering more expedient service for the area.
“Now if we can just get a judge in place, it would also help the whole district, I believe,” added McTaggart, referring to the continuing need for a resident judge here.