New consulting group set to serve northwest

Press Release

More than 2,000 years ago, Aristotle made the observation that: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and this observation holds true today for independent consultants in Kenora and the surrounding area.
It often is difficult for an individual consultant to provide the range of services that clients require in today’s world of large-scale projects and comprehensive environmental assessments.
This challenge—faced by a number of independent consultants in the area—spawned the new company, Kenora Resource Consultants Inc., which provides an avenue for a pooling of resources and access to increased opportunities.
“A number of us were finding that we were declining projects due to a lack of connectivity with other consultants in order to provide the breadth of skills required,” noted Ryan Haines, one of the biologists with the group.
“What is truly impressive is the talent pool of consultants that is available in Northwestern Ontario,” he added.
The average associate with Kenora Resource Consultants Inc. has more than 20 years’ experience in their respective fields and the range of qualifications includes biologists, environmental scientists, MBA graduates, specialists in aquatic science and ethno-botany, a registered planner, and a GIS specialist, with individual associates having served as deputy minister, director, district manager, and area supervisor within federal and provincial governments.
This range of experience and depth provides Kenora Resource Consultants with a qualified team normally only found in large consulting firms located in major urban centers.
Kelli Saunders, environmental management consultant with the company, is excited about future opportunities for this group.
“The fact that the majority of the associates are based in Northwestern Ontario will provide this new company with the advantage of having intimate knowledge of the resources, development activities, and communities in the area,” she said.
“We feel that this will make our team a valuable asset to our future clients in the northwest.”
The new company already has identified a number of projects that are an excellent fit for the group that the individual consultants would have been unable to pursue a few months ago.
The company is looking forward to future opportunities in environmental, planning, and economic development initiatives.