New alteration business opens

As one door closes, another opens.
That was the case here when “Trudy’s Alterations” closed this week and an employee opened “Stitch Em Up” to take its place.
“I’ve been working for my mother for three years doing this, [but] she’s moving to Thunder Bay and I knew our clientele would still need somebody,” Stitch Em Up owner/operator Misty Christian said this morning.
“I didn’t feel like going to work for somebody else so I started my own business,” she remarked.
Stitch Em Up opened this week to customers needing hems fixed, zippers replaced, and any other major or minor alterations to their clothing.
Located in Christian’s home at 817 Victoria Ave., people can drop off their clothing Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
Having opened her business on Monday, Christian said the response has been positive so far.
“Everybody’s really pleased that there will be somebody to do the work,” she said, adding most customers know her from having worked at her mother’s business and trust her work.
Christian said she learned much of how to operate her own business when her mother travelled extensively, leaving her in charge.
“I’m excited,” she enthused. “I’ve had a good response from people and they are all happy for me. I’m also not feeling overwhelmed.”
She invites people to stop by and check out her new business.