NDP leadership hopeful visits here


Ontario NDP leadership hopeful Andrea Horwath dropped by Fort Frances early yesterday afternoon to meet with local party members.
Horwath, the MPP for Hamilton Centre, has been campaigning across the province to replace current leader and local MPP Howard Hampton next month.
“It’s my first time here, but certainly not my last,” vowed Horwath, who arrived in town from Kenora despite the snowstorm.
Horwath pledged that if she’s elected leader of the Ontario NDP, one half of her year will be dedicated to visiting ridings from across the province.
And while the urban riding of Hamilton Centre is a long way from Northwestern Ontario, Horwath noted many issues for both areas are “based on a lot of the same type of challenges.”
She added Hampton has been “very articulate and good” at making sure that NDP MPPs are aware of the issues that are faced in Rainy River District.
Prior to being elected to the Ontario legislature in 2004, Horwath served as a community organizer in Hamilton, as well as the city councillor for the downtown ward.
She currently serves as the NDP critic for Children and Youth Services, Autism, Occupational Health and Safety, Government and Consumer Services, and Municipal Affairs.
Horwath, alongside fellow leadership hopefuls Gilles Bisson, Michael Prue, and Peter Tabuns, also have been travelling across the province to attend nine regional debates that were set up.
NDP members will choose their new leader at a convention in early March.