NCDS marks 30 years

On Nov. 14, 1975, Northern Community Development Services was incorporated by the Province of Ontario.
A group consisting of local social workers, teachers, child care workers, a public heath nurse, a clergyman, and a Roman Catholic priest created the not-for-profit corporation.
The corporation started a group home for the residential care of juveniles and young adults. Thirty years later, NCDS still is thriving and serving the district, although not in the same capacity as 1975.
Employment services remains the major focus, however.
NCDS’ mission states “people are unique and deserving of a quality lifestyle. Our goal is to equip individuals to improve the quality of their lives by fostering intellectual and social growth that will enrich the communities of the Rainy River District.”
“NCDS will promote, develop, implement, and administer community programs for youth and adults. The delivery of services is designed to provide education, skills upgrading, employment counselling, job-search training, and lifestyle management.”
Over the years, NCDS has provided many programs, such as the Rainy River District COPE program, Youth Works (later Futures), Youth Employment Services, Pre-Apprentice Electrical Training, Computer Training, Native Homemakers Program, Office Administration, Addiction Counselling and Educational Services, Group Activity to Enhance Society, Case Management Services, and Job Works.
Various divisions of the federal and provincial governments provided funding for these programs.
Currently, NCDS Corp. operates NCDS Career Works and Skills and Employment Source. These services assist both youth and adults utilizing various programs with the goal of finding suitable employment solutions.
NCDS is proud of its accomplishments and has seen many successes over the years for both individuals and employers. For example, more than 100 people are placed into employment opportunities with local employers each year.
Another interesting fact of NCDS’ history is the well-known Rainy River Future Development Corp. started at NCDS as Rainy River Business Development Corp.
As well, many of our successful community citizens participated in one or more of the programs—and without a doubt, their achievements have enriched our district.
NCDS looks forward to its future endeavours and knows that no matter what the program’s name, it will continue to provide the best possible employment assistance services in the community.
On Nov. 30, NCDS invites the public to attend an open house to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the corporation. Refreshments and cake will be available from noon-3 p.m., along with games, prizes, and corporate information on display.
Past clients, past staff, employers, agencies, and the general public are encouraged to attend.