Museum to host currency exhibit

The Fort Frances Museum will be rolling in cash next week as it hosts a new exhibit on Canadian currency.
The travelling exhibit is from the Canadian Currency Museum, owned by the Bank of Canada, and will be arriving from Kenora sometime this week.
“It is all about the colour of your money,” museum curator Pam Hawley said this morning. “It is related to the new bank notes that have come out, the 10- and the five-dollar bills.”
Hawley saw the display in Kenora and said that it is very well done. And unlike many exhibits, this one will be very hands-on.
“There are also things about counterfeiting money and designing money, as well as the history of using money,” she noted.
“We also have four kits that can go to schools so that the kids can learn more about money and how to design their own or how to find counterfeit bills,” she added.
The Fort Frances Museum will have the currency under glass until the end of December, when it moves on to the next venue.
While it may show the history of currency and teach counterfeiting detection techniques, there’s one thing the exhibit won’t teach kids—how best to spend their money.