Museum seeking artwork reflecting climate change

Duane Hicks

The Fort Frances Museum & Cultural Centre is looking for submissions of original artwork reflecting the theme of climate change.
From April to June, the museum’s exhibit will be “Taking Back Our Natural World” and curator Sherry George wants this artwork to a part of it.
George said she’s looking for “anything that highlights the impact of climate change on our world.”
She noted she’s been researching what other communities and museums are doing and noticed there’s been a number of exhibits worldwide on climate change.
“There’s been a lot of famous artists that are putting together pieces that represent their view on how climate change is going to impact the world,” George said.
“It seems like something our own community can do, so I am just looking for pieces that show what climate changes means to individuals,” she explained.
“Are they thinking about it? Are they seeing the impact out there?”
George said it’s known that certain species of insects, amphibians, and reptiles already are being affected.
“Are they seeing plastics washed up on beaches? What does it mean to them?” she continued.
The United Nations has set 2030 as the “year of no return”–only 11 years away. As such, George wonders what people are thinking about this alarming news.
“We are hoping people will give it some thought,” she remarked. “It could be any kind of artwork–sculpture, paintings, a collage of photographs.
“As long as it reflects how you feel climate change is going to affect your future.”
If you need inspiration, George suggested artists look online under “artwork that highlights climate change.” They might be surprised on all of the ideas they get.
All ages are welcomed to enter artwork, with one entry per person.
The deadline for submissions is April 2.
Criteria around art submissions can be picked up at the museum or downloaded from its website at
George noted submissions will be judged for creativity and how well they reflect the theme. There will be prizes.
She added any businesses, groups, or individuals who would like to sponsor a prize would be greatly appreciated, and they’re urged to contact her.
For more information, call George at 274-7891 or e-mail
George said there will be upcoming workshops and information sessions from presenters on particular aspects of climate change and to provide suggestions on how to lessen our impact on the environment.