Museum gears up for busy summer

Most museums conjure up images of glass cases, dust-filled air, and “do not touch” signs. But as the Fort Frances Museum prepares for another busy summer, it is anything but.
For one thing, not all museum activities will take place inside.
“We’ll be making rain sticks outside for ‘Mall Day’ [tomorrow],” curator Pam Hawley noted yesterday.
The tubes filled with stones that make a rain sound are just part of the museum’s planned involvement in “Mall Day.”
“We’re also promoting more about the mermaid exhibit coming up in August with street painting being sponsored by Betty’s,” Hawley said.
The exhibit—in celebration of the mermaid’s 70th anniversary—will be held Aug. 8-15.
Meanwhile, many other summer activities being planned at the museum include a photography workshop in mid-July and a three-day arts camp run by Hawley and local artist Linda Lovisa at the end of August.
“We are also planning an outdoor art activity for the week of the bass tournament,” Hawley added.
Since school ended last week, Hawley said the museum has been filled with inquisitive youngsters.
“We’ve been fairly busy. Without the other sites open, it’s free [admission] at the museum this summer. There is lots to do and it is good to see them,” she enthused.
Part of the allure of the museum is that it is hands-on.
“There are lots of hands-on activities so they can come in and spend some time playing, dressing up in old clothes, or learning about the way First Nations made pottery or weaving like the pioneers,” Hawley remarked.
“They enjoy it. With the school room upstairs, you don’t know how many times kids will go up there and spend a great deal of time just drawing on the chalk board or playing the old-fashioned games,” Hawley added.
“There’s no bells and whistles, but they just love it.”