Municipal candidates lined up for election


With the nomination period having ended on Friday afternoon, here’s a rundown of just who’s running in the municipal elections across Rainy River District this fall.
In the Town of Fort Frances, June Caul and Kenneth E. Perry will be campaigning to become the next mayor.
Meanwhile, Wendy Brunetta, Clinton D. C. Gray, Harold Huntley, Andrew Hallikas, Douglas W. Judson, Michael Behan, John D. McTaggart, and Rick Wiedenhoeft will be vying for Fort Frances’ six council seats.
Those seeking the two Rainy River District School Board trustee seats for the Fort Frances and Mine Centre area are Michael Graham, Raymond Roy, David Kircher, Peter Howie, Rudolf Zeitlhofer, and Stephanie Berger.
In Alberton Township, there will be an election for the office of reeve between incumbent reeve Michael Hammond and current councillor Mike Ford.
All four candidates who filed for the four council seats will be acclaimed. They include first-time council candidate Diane Glowasky and current councillors Peter Spuzak, Jennifer Johnson, and Daniel DeGagne.
In La Vallee Township, Elaine Hughes, Glen Aveyard, Danny Rea, and Jim Belluz have been acclaimed as councillors.
The four candidates vying for the position of reeve are incumbent Ken McKinnon, Ross Donaldson, Lucille McDonald, and Ken Hyatt.
Ralph Hill, Kathryn Pierroz, and John Sawatzky are seeking the seat as the RRDSB trustee for Alberton-La Vallee.
In the Township of Emo, Carmon (Dusty) Sheppard, Warren Toles, Brendan Loney, Harrold Boven, Lori-Ann Shortreed, and Lincoln Dunn will be competing for the four seats on council.
Harold McQuaker, Vincent Sheppard, and Michael Loney will be vying for the position of mayor.
In Chapple Township, Ken Wilson, Phillip Scrahm, James Gibson, and Rick Neilson will be acclaimed as the new council, but Robert Barron, Gary Judson, Rilla Race, and Stefan Szeder will be vying for the position of reeve.
In the Township of Morley, Anthony Armstrong, Andrew McCormick, Gary Jolicouer and Maria Vandenbrand have filed for seats on council.
The acclaimed reeve is George Heyens.
David Loewen is the acclaimed trustee for the Dawson, Lake of the Woords, Morley, and Rainy River area.
In the Township of Nestor Falls-Sioux Narrows Norbert Dufresne was acclaimed as mayor.
Gale Black, Andrew Nisly, and Steve Salvador will be running for the two councillor at large seats.
Suzanne Bouvier and Matthew Rydberg will be running for one Ward 1 (North) seat.
Wayne Helliar and Philip Hudson will be running for one Ward 2 (South) seat.
John Furher and Janet Judson will be seeking the seat as RRDSB trustee for the Emo, Chapple, Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls area.
The Town of Rainy River has acclaimed Julie Deborah as the mayor.
Larry Armstrong, Susan Carpenter, Paul Caruso, Andrew Hartnell, Brent R. Helgeson, Neil David Ivall, Martin Kreger, Gerald (Gerry) J. Pasloski, Gordon Prost, and Pat White, will be vying for the six seats on council.
The municipal election will be held on Oct. 22.