MP supports throne speech


In the wake of last week’s Speech from the Throne by the newly-elected Liberal government, Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Marcus Powlowski said he looks forward to passing a federal tax cut for working and middle-class Canadians.

This government’s throne speech placed special emphasis on working with Canada’s different regions to improvet he economy, he noted.

“The speech also reiterated much of what was in the platform that our government was elected on. Being a throne speech meant that it was by tradition a broad, big picture document, offering a general roadmap for our future legislative work,” said the local MP.

“This work will include plans to address climate change by reducing our carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050, making life more affordable for working and middle-class Canadians through tax cuts and social spending, committing to dealing with gang violence, substance abuse, and mental health, and working towards implementing national pharmacare.

“Of importance also was our government’s commitment to advance reconciliation with Indigenous communities, including eliminating all remaining long-term water advisories by 2021,” he added.