Move ’em out:

More than 900 head of cattle are set to go through the auction ring Saturday at the Stratton sales yard during the Rainy River Cattleman Association’s fall yearling sale.
RRCA president Peter Spuzak said yesterday that sales yard manager Russell Richards was still rounding up cattle.
“I talked to Russell this morning and he said he’s got another 30 head in the sale,” Spuzak said.
Although there will be a couple hundred head of calves in Saturday’s sale, much of the livestock up for bid will be bigger cattle. Spuzak said most farmers likely are saving their calves for the cattlemen’s next sale in October.
“Most of those cattle are grass cattle and most of the pastures have peaked,” he noted, adding many farmers want to sell off their large cattle and switch to calves, which are easier on feed stores.
And now appears to be a good time to sell, he said.
“The heavier cattle are holding good,” Spuzak remarked. “In fact, the price is coming up a bit more. There seems to be a large demand for heavier cattle.”
Spuzak also said the good prices this month on yearlings could result in very strong prices for calves next month.
A lot of the cattle at the sale will have been bought and raised through the Rainy River District Feeder’s Finance Co-op, with Spuzak praising how well that program complemented the sale.
“People are buying cattle and keeping and selling them in our sales,” he said.
Besides the local buyers, Spuzak said Richards has brought in buyers from the U.S., the western provinces, and southern Ontario.
“I think Russell listed at least half-a-dozen of them,” he noted. “People will be moving cattle in [the sales yard] Thursday and Friday.
“Everything’s coming pretty good.”