More residents compliant with garbage bylaw

After four weeks of having the new “bag tag” system in place, the Town of Fort Frances is issuing a steadily decreasing number of non-compliance notices to residents.
The first week (May 31-June 4) saw a total of 135 non-compliance notices issued while 102 were handed out the week of June 7-11.
This number dropped again during the week of June 14-18, with only 77 notices issued. And a total of just 41 were given out Monday through Wednesday of this week.
“The numbers are going down, but they’re not as low as I’d hoped for by this point,” admitted Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown.
The notices are given out when there is any of six different possible non-compliance issues observed at a garbage pickup site. These are:
•garbage not in a proper container;
•garbage weighing more than 40 pounds;
•no bag tag;
•garbage not in proper receptacle in Type ‘B’ container;
•garbage not at designated pickup location; and
•garbage is non-collectible.
Over the four weeks, the most common point of non-compliance has been residents not using bag tags.
The first week, this accounted for 82.22 percent of the total non-compliance notices issued (equalling 111 households) while up to Wednesday of this week, that percentage was 51.22 percent (21).
“As to why this is, I can’t say for sure,” Brown said. “Maybe some people are forgetful. Maybe some are unwilling to pay. Maybe some people want to see if the town is willing to adhering to the bylaw.
“We’re going to adhere to it,” he stressed.
Brown noted those households that have received non-compliance notices two weeks in a row will receive, or already have received, visits from bylaw enforcement officers, who will inquire what the problem is, and if necessary, explain to the residents how the bag tag system works.
“If people are doing it [not using bag tags] out of spite, we’ll fine them,” vowed Brown, adding he is not aware of anyone yet being fined by the town for non-compliance.
The second most common infraction is not having garbage in a proper container.
This has ranged from accounting for 10.37 percent (14) of the non-compliance notices the first week to 34.15 percent (14) this past Monday through Wednesday.
Brown noted the strategy behind the new waste management bylaw—to get people to recycle more, and thus reduce waste going to the landfill—seems to be working.
He said many households around town are reducing their weekly garbage to one can while increasing their recycling volume by an estimated 50 percent.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)