More people needed for school closure committee

Although the Rainy River District School Board’s school closure selection committee is slated to meet Oct. 23, the board is looking to fill a few more seats before the group starts its work.
“We required three members from each of the schools identified for closure,” trustee Ron McAlister said in a report to the board at Tuesday night’s regular monthly meeting here.
“Unfortunately, we did get representation from the two schools [Alberton Central School and Alexander MacKenzie] but not Sixth Street.
“I understand, though, there’s an open house there this week, and we’ll try to do some recruiting there,” McAlister added.
The deadline for applications was Sept. 24.
But the board recommended the six people who did apply be appointed to represent the two schools. Henry Van Ael, Gary Durbin, and Andrew Gerber will represent Alberton while Lorena Jenks, Gerry Seaward, and Susan Carmody will represent Alexander MacKenzie.
One school council rep from each school also will serve on the committee once the councils have had their elections.
Trustees McAlister, Dan Belluz, Martin Darrah, and Frank Sheppard, along with board administrators Laura Mills, Murray Quinn, and Terry Ellwood, fill out the rest of the committee.
The committee will be meeting until it comes to a recommendation as to whether the board should close the three schools in question. Ellwood previously had said that decision hopefully will be made by spring.
Meanwhile, chair Gord McBride revealed the board’s overall plan for the 2001-02 school year in his regular report. System goals include:
•high expectations for student achievement;
•continued support for professional training of staff;
•striving for appropriate special education support and funding;
•increased information technology access and equity; and
•maintaining financial responsibility.
Strategies to start or maintain include:
•political action;
•pursuing project partnerships;
•supporting schools councils on their work;
•ensuring student and staff have appropriate places to learn and work;
•providing a quality transportation system;
•providing training opportunities for all staff;
•facilities renewal plan implementation; and
•implementation of a new funding model for transportation.
In other business Tuesday night, the board accepted the October personnel report, which noted leaves of absence for teacher Pam King and educational assistant Robert Sawchuk, and resignations for teacher Lee-Anne Hines and educational assistant Tara Wowchuk.