More parents needed to organize ‘chem-free’ grad

The 2004 “chem-free” grad committee will hold its second meeting tonight, with the group still looking for more parents to help with organizing this popular event each June.
“We can always use more. Any of the grad parents, we’d appreciate it if they could come out,” said Joyce Martinson, one of the Fort High teachers donating her time to work as a staff advisor on the committee.
The first meeting, held last month, was moderately successful in attracting parents.
“We had 10 to 12 people, which was pretty good. But we’re still looking for people to work on [subcommittees],” Martinson noted.
Those sub-committees include entertainment and events, food and beverage, advertising and promotion, volunteer, venue, and sponsorship.
“Promotion is the big one,” Martinson said. “We don’t have enough people signed up for that one.”^The advertising and promotion sub-committee largely is responsible for putting up signs to advertise the event, both at school and around the community.
The venue sub-committee is in charge of setting up before the actual event, and then taking everything down afterwards.
The volunteer sub-committee, meanwhile, organizes the people who volunteer to work on the night of the party.
For now, Martinson noted, they only are seeking parents who can work on a sub-committee, not those who just wish to work the night of “chem-free” grad.
Tonight’s meeting gets underway at 7 p.m. in the FFHS library. Call Joyce Martinson or Brian Gustafson at 274-7747 if you need more details.